This weekend was definitely rough, as it brought back memories of the last FSU game we got to watch in person.

It was September 22, 2012.  You weren’t able to make Sarah and my wedding that summer due to injury but we came down to you for the weekend so you could meet Sarah and Justice for the first time.

We started the day watching GameDay on ESPN, getting in the mindset for an epic primetime contest.

It was supposed to be a heated game between FSU and Clemson, with the Tigers looking for the upset.  It looked like it could happen through the first 2+ quarters of play but we prevailed in the end topping the visitors 49-37.

The result wasn’t the same this weekend as FSU dropped a tough loss to Clemson 37-34 but it was equally a contest to remember.

And today, what would have been your 65th birthday and is your daughter’s 33rd.  Know that we love and miss you very much.  You’ve been gone almost 3yrs and each day has it’s ups and downs.  I talk with you often, while driving, mowing the lawn, and it’s my belief that you hear our conversations.

We love and miss you always, Dad! <3

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