A little after 6pm MT three years ago we were getting ready to go cover a hockey game when the call came in. Moments like that really can stick in your long term memory.

Each year since has been difficult, the only thing that has gotten easier has been the ability to make it through each day as I look for anything/everything to occupy my mind/thoughts.

Even though I talk to you just about every day during drives to/from work or when I have a few minutes of down time, or when the Noles/Broncos could use that extra “little push” I would still love just a simple five minute conversation again.

So much has happened in the last three years. I know you’ve watched everything unfold but being able to tell you about it would really mean the world to me.

Hopefully you’ve had your breakfast of a Pepsi and Crunch bar and can enjoy a good steak tonight. We love and miss you always, Dad.

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