So much has happened in the last year, where do I begin?

Our older daughter was able to walk the stage and graduate from high school this year.  The whole family is so proud of her.  She’s still trying to find her place in the world but we’re confident she’ll get there, all in good time.  The same for our son.  He celebrated his 21st birthday but is still learning how to operate in the adult world.  We’re confident that he, too, will get things figured out all in good time.

Our younger daughter worked at the Boy Scout Camp this summer as a CIT (Counselor in Training).  It was rough at first but she eventually came out of her shell and had a great time.  We’re hoping she wants to go back and work there again this coming summer.  We’re also in the process of working with a lawyer so I can officially adopt her.  Very excited about that new development!

Sarah and I have also officially been granted guardianship of our granddaughter as of November 2016.  It’s been a whirlwind having her full-time but we knew it was in her best interest and it’s been a joy to raise her.  We’re looking forward to watching the young person she’s growing up to be.

Sarah and I are still doing well at our respective jobs and with our various side jobs.  Always seems like there is never enough hours in the day though.  But we power through it.

As you know the Noles and Broncos have had a rather rough season.  FSU has made steps toward having a wonderful turnaround in 2018 by hiring Coach Taggart to replace Fisher.  Things are looking bright in Tally and we’re very excited for next fall to see how everything plays out on the field.  The Broncos just snapped a nasty 8-game skid and are sitting at 4-9 on the season.  Hopefully they can win out and carry some momentum into the Draft and offseason and come back strong next fall.

Writing these to you does help, though I do have to have a tissue or two near by just in case.  Know that we love and miss you very much.  Thank you for watching over all of us.  We love you Dad and GO NOLES!

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