This anniversary definitely crept up on us.  How has it already been five years since you were taken from us?

We’ve had so many momentous events take place in our little family in the Black Hills this year.  The adoption process with Justice completed on January 20th.  She is officially a “Crook” now and I couldn’t be more proud/happy.  Still warms my heart that you were able to get to know her and Sarah in person.  Justice is doing so well in her junior year of high school.  She’s starting to look into various colleges for different programs, mostly for nursing at this point.  We’re so proud of how well she’s doing and that she’s taking ownership of her academic success.  Hard to believe our baby is on the verge of entering adulthood.

Madison continues to grow like a weed.  It still floors Sarah and me when we look back on pictures of her from a year ago and just how much she’s grown.  She enjoys spending time with her brother, Easton, at daycare as well.  You’d never know they live in different homes based on how they act when they’re together.  It’s such a hoot to see them both growing up so happy and healthy.

Josh and Julie are still navigating the waters of “young adulthood” and figuring things out.  It can be a struggle at times but we’re confident that, with time, they’ll come around and get it all worked out.

Sarah and I are doing well in our respective jobs.  Sarah started working for a new company this year: KTM Designs.  It’s a civil engineering firm and she’s doing an amazing job with it.  Happy to know she’s found an employer that appreciates all the skills she brings to the table and treats her with so much respect.

We’ve enjoyed continued success with our photography business as well.  Even getting a temporary studio setup in the lower level of the building next to Sarah’s work in downtown Rapid City.  It came in handy for a mini shoot we did in November.  I’m hoping to complete my Part-107 certification so we can legally offer aerial photography/videography as well.

So many times I’ve wanted to get your reaction to how things were going with the Broncos or Seminoles this season.  I’m sure you’ve shared in the frustrations felt by so many.  Hopefully the Noles can get a good turn around next season.  And while the Broncos are still in the running for the final wild card spot, if they don’t start playing better than they did against the 49ers last Sunday then they can kiss that possibility goodbye.  But know that I talk to you during each and every game, as I’m sure you’ve heard.

And since this date falls on a Thursday I thought it would only be appropriate to include a little “Throwback Thursday” video clip to our Christmas in Montgomery, Alabama (1985).

Know that we love and miss you very much and think of you always.  Wishing you a very Merry Heavenly Christmas and a Happy New Year, Dad/Papa Steve.


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  1. We are Staves Plantation Alumni preparing for our 50th reunion. Just corrected some photos of Steve in our memorial on Facebook for those that we lost. Looking at his yearbook photos of 10th through 12th grade and then reading the family friends and memories he left behind. Know that he will be remembered this coming August in Ft Lauderdale when Plantation and Stranahan have our 50th reunions. God bless his family.

    • William, thank you very much. If you wouldn’t mind sharing that FB Group with us we’d love the opportunity to view any of his yearbook photos from 10th-12th grade that might be available.

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