Happy Father’s Day, Noles Win in CWS

Hard to believe this is the sixth Father’s Day you haven’t been here.  I can’t just pick up the phone and chat with you for a few moments, see how life has been treating you, and wish you a very relaxing day.

How ironic that I find out through the great stats team at ESPN that it has been 20yrs since FSU has won an opening round game at the College World Series.  Thankfully that was a game we all got to share together as a family while celebrating your retirement from the US Air Force in 1999.

While I don’t remember the score, or even the opponent for that matter (I do believe we faced off against Texas A&M at some point that weekend) what I will never forget is being caught off guard seeing medical personnel in our area of the 1st base line.

Lauren, Mom, and I had gone to get something to eat/drink and were on our way back only to discover you took a hard foul ball to (if I remember right) your forearm.  I don’t remember which one.  Nothing was broken but you did have one heck of a bruise from it.

Okay the nerd in me had to look up the bracket from the tournament that year.  We DID beat A&M in the first round (7-3) before falling to Stanford then battling back in the tourney to face Miami in the finals.  There was no “best-of-3” format for the finals so the 6-5 loss to Miami kept Mike Martin from his elusive championship for another season.

I’m sure you’ve enjoyed their post-season run as much as I have.  Quite the Cinderella story, sort of.  A team that expects to make the NCAA Tourney with ease was part of the “Last 4 In” and had an impressive run through the Regionals and Super Regionals.  And after an impressive 1-0 win against the Hogs tonight they are looking rather sharp as they get ready to face Michigan on Monday.

Writing this may only be a one-sided conversation with you right now but it helps, even as I have to wipe the tears away every few moments.

Lots of big things have happened and I talk to you often on drives to work or whenever I have a few moments of quiet time.

Know that you are loved and missed dearly by so many.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad…love and miss you always!

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  1. And I watched that 1999 Miami game sitting in my office in Tampa, knowing that guys were there (and feeling a little jealous!)! I really missed him not being at the Police Hall of Fame induction two weeks ago. Of all my special family who have been there with me through the years, only he and my Dad weren’t there! Love and miss him…and love you guys too!

    Uncle Jim

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